The term seamless gutters can be confusing because there are seams in the system. The seams are only at the corners and downspout outlets.These joints are fastened more securely and sealed for stability and leak resistance. The Seamless Gutter itself is continuous which makes them both strong and visually more appealing.

6" Seamless Gutter System

At Southern Remodeling we use 6" seamless gutters. When installing gutter systems on large office buildings, commercial buildings and residential houses with large volumes of water, 6″ gutters are the best solution. Oversized 6″ gutters can handle approximately 40% more volume than a standard 5″ seamless gutter system.

Seamless Gutters are nationally recognized as the most popular form of gutters installed. Seamless Rain Gutters, Continuous Rain Gutters, Also known as Seamless Gutters. Seventy-five percent of all gutters installed throughout the nation are Seamless Gutters.

A sound investment...

  • Keep your gutters free flowing with TruGuard Gutter Protection while keeping the falling debris and even the neighbor kid's ball out of your gutter system.
  • TruGuard helps fight against standing water caused by clogged gutters which can create a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other animals.
  • Keeping your gutter system free of debris is important in protecting your homes landscaping, foundation, patios and sidewalks. 
  • Hanging off the edge of your roof or ladder twice a year can be time consuming and dangerous. TruGuard provides a safe and effective way to maintain your home's exterior water management system.

Strength From Within.

TruGuard Gutter Protection has a specially designed cover that is supported and anchored by a patented bracket that extends the nose of the gutter protection beyond the gutter edge to allow the debris to fall while channeling water in. 

The TruGuard bracket also:

  • Strengthens and reinforces your existing gutter system with an extra fastener that fits securely into a pre-engineered cavity at the base of a patented bracket. The round hole on the top and in the middle of the bracket allows each bracket to be locked firmly into place before using the bracket to strengthen your existing gutters. 
  • The lower hook on the front edge of the TruGuard bracket fits firmly into the top edge of your existing gutters before rotating into the locked position.
  • The second clasp directly located behind the first hook has been designed to space the TruGuard  panels uniformly and in alignment with your gutters.
  • The extended back leg on each bracket was designed to extend down to the bottom of your gutters to ensure that each panel is level with your existing gutter system for optimum surface tension performance 
  • TruGuard works with all types of Roofing Systems. 
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